Top 5 Reasons why NavyBits is the best mobile apps developer company in Lebanon, Beirut, and Tripoli

Bold claim! NavyBits is the best mobile apps developer

If you reached this page, then you are definitely searching for the best mobile app development company in Lebanon. We believe we have an answer to that question. 

NavyBits is the best mobile apps development company and web apps development company in Lebanon, Beirut, and Tripoli. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why we believe that this is not a claim but a fact.

1- NavyBits does not use cheap ready-made templates

Cheap mobile apps are cheap for a reason! Many companies in Lebanon and Tripoli offer very cheap mobile apps because they use app generators and ready-made templates. 
If you select such providers, you will end up getting the same app that everyone has with different colors and branding. 

This is not mobile app development! And definitely, a company that does that is not the best mobile apps development company in Lebanon!

NavyBits uses the best technologies to build apps that are custom-built to your requirements. 
If you need a unique product and if you are launching a startup, using a generator is a huge risk! 

Imagine that every house is just a clone of only 1 house! There is nothing creative in that and you will definitely end up disappointed and paying more!

Don't fall for this trap!

If you need the best mobile app, remember that high quality and the best value for money are more important than getting the cheapest deal!

2- NavyBits knows how to build for scale

If it runs on the developer machine, this does not mean that it will run for 1 million users! NavyBits understands the challenges in building large-scale mobile apps. If you need live video streaming with under 2 seconds latency that works for 100,000 live viewers, then definitely you need engineers who know their stuff. NavyBits has helped successful startups to launch, scale, and grow. 

Don't risk putting your dream in the wrong hands! The best mobile apps development company in Lebanon, Beirut, and Tripoli is NavyBits. 

3- NavyBits hires the best engineers and experts in Lebanon

NavyBits delivers high-quality mobile apps. We can only achieve that by hiring the best talent in the country. 
We have tough selection criteria, a robust internship program, and a serious training program for our staff and employees to make sure that they are ready to build and develop the best mobile apps in the middle east. 

4- NavyBits cares about your business success

While you can choose an "Agency" for your next project, you will risk falling into a dilemma : 
An agency typically cares about maximizing its profit. However, your business or startup needs the support of a team who sees the opportunity that you want to grab and helps you to reach it. 
NavyBits is not an agency! NavyBits acts like your CTO or dedicated IT team providing you with the help, support and care you need to be successful. 
Instead of hiring a dedicated team, you can just hire NavyBits and we will take care of the rest. 
NavyBits will develop what needs to be developed even if you don't ask for it and will not charge you for that! NavyBits will monitor and manage the availability of your services so that you can be confident in expanding your business. 
NavyBits is different because we care about your success. 
This approach made our customers happy and successful and they keep telling us that they didn't believe that something like this ever exists! 
We are serious about being the best software company in Lebanon, Beirut and Tripoli and we will prove it with our reliable effort and dedicated work. 

5- NavyBits delivers high-quality services at affordable rates

Our services are not cheap. We know that and we are proud of it. 
Our approach to business is not to be the cheapest provider of mobile apps because we aim for long-term business relationships. Our Engineers have career paths and our employees turnover is very low. 
We are proud of this and our customers agreed that this is a good thing. 
But this does not mean that our services are expensive! On the contrary, we offer high-quality but affordable services that are fair and balanced. 
In fact, this tendency of being fair guides us in every step of doing business, and you will feel it before we sign any contract. 
High quality, built by experts, and affordable!
This is why we are the best mobile apps development company in Lebanon, Beirut, and Tripoli, and this is why you must choose NavyBits for your next business adventure or startup. 

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