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What are the downsides of using Odoo ERP without an experienced and certified Partner?

Disadvantages of using Odoo without an official Odoo Partner

There are 8 Odoo app groups with 37+ apps, each fulfilling several business needs in its own unique way.

So first and before you make your decision, you should be able to answer these questions:

  1. Which Odoo App or Odoo App group do I need for my business?
  2.  How do these apps work together? 
  3. Do I have a high level of IT knowledge in order to benefit from Odoo operating fully? 
  4. Will I be able to wait a long time for bug fixes or any technical support?
  5.  How will my employees be trained to work together in no time?
  6. How can I customize some features or add new ones?

If you are ready to go on your own then you were able to fully answer the above questions. 

The idea behind working with an Odoo partner is to avoid risks and have assistance starting from the consultancy phase to the implementation and ending up with tailored solutions that harness all your business gaps whilst maintaining full support. 

Advantages of implementing Odoo with NavyBits, Odoo Partners in Lebanon

The main reason businesses need to implement Odoo ERP is to eliminate wasted time and​ increase efficiency and the best way to do so is to choose the right and best partner.
Odoo ERP should be set up to manage your company's workflows and facilitate communication between management, departments, and employees to increase the company's productivity.

Choosing the apps you need depends on the industry you are running, the company hierarchy, and the company size. We have set our goals to be your reference as we have our unique strategy of guidance for new Odoo implementations and full support for already existing Odoo implementations. 

Feel free to contact us and experience being assisted by a successful Odoo partner. 

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