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Odoo RFID Integration - KSA
NavyBits successful implementation in Saudi Arabia

NavyBits successfully completed and delivered a project for a major Jewellery vendor in Saudi Arabia. 

Customer was convinced in Odoo ERP but had already existing RFID devices used for daily operations. 

Out of the box, Odoo cannot communicate with the RFID devices. 

Customer wanted the ability to print RFID tags using his existing RFID Tag Printer and wanted the ability to read from his Bluetooth enabled and desktop RFID readers. 

NavyBits successfully analyzed the needs of the customer and delivered a custom module that enables full integration with the RFID hardware of the customer in KSA (Saudi Arabia). The solution was cost effective and was delivered within 7 working days. 

The project was also a collaboration between NavyBits Lebanon and Odoo Direct Team in UAE.

NavyBits is ready to take the tough challenges that other partners cannot approach due to its broad knowledge and deep expertise in Odoo ERP. 

Our team delivers state of the art ERP implementation in Lebanon and GCC countries including Saudi Arabia (KSA) and we can tackle any challenge with smart and successful solutions. 

If you are interested in having Odoo integrated with RFID devices or if you have any other challenge in implementing Odoo ERP in Lebanon or GCC, NavyBits is ready to help. 

Contact us now and join the successful businesses that were happy with NavyBits services and who acknowledged NavyBits as the best Odoo ERP Partner.

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