Configure Odoo auto backups using Database auto-backup module

NavyBits guide to Odoo automated backups on Windows and Ubuntu


When working with Odoo 10 or Odoo 11, It is a good idea to enable automated backups of your database. 
Odoo database auto-backups by Yenthe is one of the best modules to achieve this task. 
Get the module from here

However, using the module is not straightforward. 

The steps here are tested with Odoo 11 and are working flawlessly. 

On Windows

1- Go to your Odoo installation directory and open a command window

2- Navigate to the python directory, it will be something like C:\Program Files\Odoo 11.0\python\

3- In the command line, type: python -m pip install paramiko

This is a pre-requisite that users generally miss and struggle later with errors that stops Odoo from launching. 

On Ubuntu

If you installed Odoo on Ubuntu using the install script by Yenthe or any other install script, then you are using python bundled with the Linux operating system.

 1- Just type this command to install paramiko: (Odoo 10) sudo pip install paramiko (Odoo 11) sudo pip3 install paramiko

You can now proceed with step 4 below

Installation and Configuration

4- After Paramiko is installed, download the auto-backup module and place it in your addons folder

5- Update your apps list and install the Database auto-backup module

6- Configure your auto-backups in developer mode (settings-> Database backups). If you are on windows, make sure that you write the full path to the backups folder and escape backspaces correctly (use \\ instead of \). If you are on Linux, make sure that the Odoo user has to write access to the backups folder. 

7- Enable the automated action 

8- Enjoy peace of mind!

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