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Odoo 16 is a game changer
Get to know the exciting new features for your business

Odoo 16 is coming Soon!

Odoo 16 will be out at the same time of Odoo Experience.
Odoo experience 2022 will start on October 12, 2022 until October 14, 2022.
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In this article, we will explore all the features that we were able to collect from twitter (@ray_odoo) and other sources on the internet as well as our own testing of daily builds.

New Features in Odoo 16

New App : Knowledge Management

The new knowledge App will allow you to replace tools like Notion and word processors to capture the knowledge and documentation of projects and processes in an interactive way. 

When first announced, Knowledge app was part of Odoo Community. However, it's now exclusively available in Odoo Enterprise Edition. 

The new app will allow users to build and share documentation,  best practices and business processes more easily. 

NavyBits, the Odoo Silver Partner in Lebanon, already tested the new Knowledge App and we believe that every business user will need it to document their daily routines.

Updated Design in Enterprise

The UI/UX of Odoo Enterprise will be much more enhanced with time savers and modern tweaks. 

Odoo 16 will allow easy switching between screens.

Odoo 16 will also have a redesigned Chatter UI

Code Cleanup and Performance

Odoo 16 will focus on removing and refactoring the code base and achieving peak performance.

Responsive Design in Community

Odoo community design feels outdated. Everyone is complaining about it.
This is the number one request of Odoo users who rely on Odoo Community and OCA modules for their business. 

If you are using Odoo community v16, you will enjoy the responsive and mobile friendly interface with modern design. 

Improved eCommerce

The eCommerce app is hugely improved, providing features that were generally lacking in Odoo without third-party apps. 
B2B businesses will like :
- Call for Price
- Showing prices only for logged-in users
- Demand based pricing 
- Support a catalog shop
- Contract pricing / approved products

You will also benefit from features like
- Bulk Upload of Photos
- Change the order of the photos after upload
- Faster eCommerce checkout
- Comparison price
- UOM display

Features like One-Click Checkout and additional payment options are also coming to Odoo.
These enhancements will make Odoo eCommerce a perfect choice for your business and you will not feel the need to consider other platforms like Shopify anymore. 

Multi-currency Sales Reports

Sales reports in Odoo 16 will be multi-currency aware and you can revalue all sales dynamically based on daily exchange rates.

Enhancements to Accounting

New Accounting Firm mode

If you are using Odoo 16 to manage the books and accounting of your customers, there is a new "Accounting firm mode" for you. 
This new mode changes how the sequence of each document works at the document level.
It also introduces a new field " Total, Tax (inc.) "

Detect Holes in Sequences

Each journal will have a new "Smart Alert". You can easily browser to the last document before the hole.
Holes can be easily fixed with the "Resequencing" wizard.

 Improvements to fixed assets

In Odoo v16, you can easily cancel and asset.
If the GL entries are locked, reverse entries will be created.
If the GL entries are unlocked, it will become unposted.
The option to modify the depreciation by selling the asset is also available. 

Storno Accounting for Eastern Europe

Storno accounting is a practice of using negative debit or credit amounts to reverse original journal account entries.
 Because bookkeepers typically write Storno entries in red ink, this accounting practice is also known as Red Storno.
Using Storno accounting you can cancel a document with incorrect amounts, however you should always enter the correct document amount after the cancellation.

Improved Procurement and tenders

Odoo 16 has an improved call for tenders
- Quickly create and manage PO alternatives
- Compare arrival and cost by lines
- Split PO between vendors based on the best options and offers

Work Order Dependencies in Manufacturing

In Odoo 16, you can now determine the order in which work orders should be processed. You can activate it for each BOM.

Track Delivery and Receipts Status

New fields are coming to Odoo Sales (Delivery Status) and Purchases (Receipt Status) for enhanced tracking of your sales and purchases. 

Rental App goes online

You can now enable online rentals (very useful for renting cars and similar).
You can decide which days are available for pickup and delivery

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We stay ahead by following all enhancements to Odoo.
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